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Set & Setting offers ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP) that is broadly based on the proven model of safe and effective administration of psychedelics utilized by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). MAPS is a non-profit organization furthering research, policy, and education regarding the use of psychedelics as medicine. Ketamine-assisted therapy is a specific working model, with explicit guidelines on caring for patients in non-ordinary states of consciousness.

At Set & Setting, we take into consideration the sociocultural experiences of all people, but especially those who have been harmed by racism, sexism, classicism, and institutionalized oppression. We believe that trauma-informed care is the foundation of consistently good outcomes and healing.


1. Safety Screening and Evaluation

Your journey will begin with a medical screening by our prescriber who will evaluate your medical history and address any questions or concerns that you may have. Next, you will meet your therapist, who has extensive training in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Your therapist will get to know you, and together you will identify your hopes and expectations for treatment. This appointment will include education regarding the ketamine-assisted therapy process and specific goal setting for your therapy sessions.

2. Prep/Pre-Flight/Intention Setting

After the intial screening, you will meet with your therapist for one to two planning, or “pre-flight,” sessions. You will explore potential barriers to accomplishing your goals and begin to explore mindfully changing these before your ketamine session to determine if resistance is present. Intention setting is also where you will begin the process of preparing yourself for an experience that may be spiritual, intense, profound, or confusing. Your therapist will also help you determine what method of ketamine administration will work best for you (e.g. intramuscular injection or oral lozenge).

3. Ketamine Sessions

Most sessions last about two hours. During this time, you will be sitting comfortably in a plush recliner with eyeshades on while listening to a playlist that has been thoughtfully curated for each individual session. While everyone’s experience is different, during your session, your sensory awareness will be altered and often heightened. Synesthesia can occur, where smells may bring about memories or visual images.

Music is an integral part of KAT. Music heard while participating in KAT is different than just listening in the car or while cooking dinner. Music with ketamine delivered intramuscularly is evocative, visually complex, and is often described as an actual entity that is present with clients during sessions. These changes often stay with patients for a day or two. This offers more opportunities to reconnect, feel, and integrate the experience.

4. Integration

After the ketamine treatment, you will participate in an integration session. This is a one-hour therapy session with your prescriber and/or therapist where we will discuss your ketamine treatment experience, any new self-awareness or insights, and how you can support the behavioral changes that will further deepen your new understanding of yourself.

After the initial treatment goals have been met, you may return for periodic follow-up sessions.

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