Medical/Psychological intake

$450 (90 minutes)

Preparation session

$250 (45 minutes)

Lozenge KAT session

$650 (2 hours)


Booster IM sessions after first 4 KAT session

$650 (2.5 hours)

*Integration session

$250 (45 minutes)

Intramuscular Injection (IM) KAT Session

$950 (2.5 hours)


*Every IM KAT session is followed by an integration session 24-36 hours later

We ask that all clients commit to 4 KAP sessions as each experience is different. Clients can choose between oral ketamine or Intramuscular Injection (IM) depending on treatment goals and desired experience.

Each session a licensed medical provider will be with you all the way through. We focus on seeing a small number of clients and delivering individualized care.

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