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Set & Setting represents a new modality of mental healthcare designed to promote personal growth and awareness by utilizing a non-ordinary state of consciousness brought on by the administration of ketamine. This effect, commonly referred to as “psychedelic,” describes the dissociative effects that can be a valuable therapeutic tool in personal growth and development.

“Set” refers to your mindset when going into a ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) session. A beneficial mindset would be an understanding of all of the factors that led you to deciding to pursue KAT. Self-awareness going into a session represents an understanding of one’s own emotional environment, historical perceptions of one’s self, and how these feelings are influenced by social, cultural, religious, and personal experiences. A beneficial mindset is cultivated through pre-flight planning sessions with our skilled therapists. Potential barriers are addressed, and the tools you already possess are honored and made ready. The work you have done prior to Set & Setting matters! A prepared and open mindset is important to get the most out of this experience.

We are here to support and encourage you in your exploration.

beaverton, oregon


clinicians and guides

clinicians and guides

We practice a mindset going in as well. In doing this work, we are honoring all people and practicing gratitude that you allow us to be present with you through the hurts, victories, defeats, struggles, and successes you may have. Regardless of anyone’s race, gender identification, appearance, sexual orientation, religious, or political beliefs, and regardless of origin of the hurt that brought you to the session, our focus is on a healing-centered experience. We practice care that recognizes the systemic effects of harmful parts of our culture. This style of care will assist you in being emotionally present and free from distraction, discomfort, or alienation due to insensitivity.

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“Setting” refers to the ideal environment in which to welcome a specific experience; in this instance, this is a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

We have created a serene, soothing, and safe environment that supports all people. We have exceptionally comfortable chairs and rooms lit with soothing lights. After session we encourage our clients to breathe, reflect, and if they would like, have a cup of herbal tea.

We look forward to your trip.

Justin Rice, PMHNP-BC




Our mission is to serve those who want an alternative to conventional psychiatry. We offer a deeper, more transformative exploration of mental health rather than merely suppressing symptoms with medications.

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